Free Bottle of Loud

We are so confident you will love our polish that we are willing to give you the first bottle for free! 

My name is Melody and I am the CEO of Loud Lacquer. At jobs past, I often found myself as the only female executive at the table and I grew frustrated by being told by bosses that I was too LOUD and opinionated about what women wanted in the beauty space. I had a vision for a brand that was fun, unexpected and female-owned. And a product that was long-lasting, quick-drying, vegan, free AF* and helped me feel polished and confident. So I embraced my LOUD vision and made it. 

I want to inspire that same confidence in every woman so that you can do what's hard too. It's been proven that saying out LOUD "you got this" puts you in the mindset to achieve your goals. So enjoy your first LOUD polish for free and let your nails be your reminder that you, in fact, got this! 

Here is your confidence code for a free bottle at check out: GOTTHIS2