How You Can Be Fabulous Too

1. Break all the rules! Nobody ever apologized their way into the Met Gala. When you're fabulous, you don't need to ask for sh*t, girl. And this shade doesn't need to permission to be so fabulous. She's a deep red with magenta micro-glitters that come out to play in the light. Which is right where you should always be. 

Meet Tati


2. Stay hydrated and glossy so that you always shine. Your water, like your nails, should always sparkle. Use a top coat over this hot pinkish coral to let the iridescent blue shimmer through. 

Say Hello to Brat

3. Be who you want to become. If we were all "ourselves" we'd be in our sweatpants, eating nachos and sitting at home watching the Real Housewives. Well, that won't raise your social standing. But this Barbie Doll Pink will.

Meet the queen, Plastic


4. Loud Girls have more fun. Especially while wearing this plus merlot shade with a blast of fuschia glitters. So be LOUD, have fun and forget the haters. You are fabulous. 

Well hello Party Monster

Watch Ariel Versace show us how its done!

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