Happy Perspective in Hard Times

I walk West 3rd and watch stores go from open, to limited hours, to closed. I smile politely at neighbors from afar, then cross the street to maintain a safe distance. I order espresso beans from my local coffee shop and have them dropped off in a non contact delivery at my front door. I change clothes after buying eggs and laundry detergent at Target, and disinfect my purchases before putting them away.

I think about February, when I had a big work deadline and pushed off all plans to be social until I could “come up for air.” I think about when I sat outside recently at a new neighborhood cafe and grumbled that the food was just okay. I think about how I was waffling on making plans to see family because I’d have to fly solo with the baby, and that seemed annoying. I think about how mad I was at myself that, six months postpartum, I hadn’t lost the baby weight. I think about how nothing will ever be the same.

I am grateful for my health and the health of my family. I am grateful I spent time with my mom before non essential travel was banned. I am grateful to have a job that allows me to work from home. I am grateful to have working Internet that connects me to friends on small screens. I am grateful for the sacrifices of so many strangers.

I promise to stay inside. I promise to stay vigilant. I promise to help those in need when and where I can. I promise to never take anything for granted.

The sky is blue. The air quality index in Los Angeles is “good” for the first time in memory. My daughter smiles, blissfully unaware.

Spring is here. 

-Celine Geiger 

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