Top 10 Nail Accounts of 2021

by @LoudLacquer

What a year its been. After all the hard work our community put in doing amazing looks this past year, we felt it was worth giving some credit where credit is due. We will do these awards yearly and although there are so many more accounts we could have mentioned, these are our picks for 2021. Give them some love and make to follow them all.

Without further ado, we bring you the Top 10 Nail Accounts of 2021!

1. Funniest

I love that this community loves to have fun. But no one is funnier at keeping it real than the one and only @polish.lab.rat.

2. Best hand poses

It's not easy making your hand look interesting and yet also showing off the color of the polish. And no one is better at giving us those fierce hand poses as @crystalspolish wearing Boondocking


3. Best at negative-space manis

Ok, this category might be just for me because I am obsessed with negative-space manis and felt it deserved an award because I love them so much, and no one gives us more beautiful negative-space masterpieces as @tessa.lyn.nails wearing our Hush Puppies bundle

4. Best at Reels

We all had to embrace Reels this year. Luckily there are people like Demi to make them look easy and keep us motivated to try to do more. So this year the award for Best Reels goes to @polish.d_ showing off Tree Topper

5. Best all around swatches

Got a polish thats incredibly hard to capture on film? Fear not, Leslie is the master! I mean, look at this gorgeousness by @littlepandapit wearing Krampus

6. Best up-and-comer

It's been so fun watching all the newbies build their accounts and their skills. @polishedupbaker nail art has really been getting better and better and I am so proud of him. Check out this amazing rainbow ombre using Tati, Gourdgeous, Antidote, Key Party, Ya Filthy Animal and Giulia

7. Most unique

You will never be bored following @nailsoflizmo. She is constantly creating amazingly unique looks and doing things like 100 coats of nail polish on one hand to show how much Loud comes in one bottle. Check out her 100 coats of Plastic!

8. Best YouTube channel

I mean... this one was pretty obvious. But there is a reason @KelliMarissa is as big as she is. She is simply the best :) Here is her reviewing our Sedona and Winter collection. 

9. Babb's choice- 

Always loyal, incredibly talented and an OG Babbs to the core, its no surprise that the Babb's choice for favorite nail account goes to @bwidix wearing our Naughty Christmas collection

10. Best all around

And finally, our winner of the best all around nail account of 2021 goes to the one and only @polished_yogi  wearing Office In The Trees and Unschooling. Pure class and positivity with amazing looks that inspiring us daily. 

Congrats to all of winners for inspiring us with their content. We are looking forward to many more looks from our entire community in 2022!

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