Welcome Babbs- Yes, that's you.

When I reflect on my career, most relationships with male bosses started positive and they loved my work ethic, as long as it served their purpose. The moment I became an equal, with a potentially opposing view, I was suddenly a "C-word", a "Bitch", an "Aggressive American" (thank you Canadian bosses) or most notably I had "Sharp Elbows". Know your place ladies. Haha, yeah no, F* that. 

Now that I am the boss, I wanted a word that empowered Women and a way of calling out, in a positive way, those I see working hard. So I asked my lady tribe what they would call a strong female. At first, I got a lot of confused faces. Because really, what do you call us?
It struck me as odd that all I hear women being called is "Babe". It feels somewhat condescending and definitely doesn't capture the confidence of a strong woman. And then, almost jokingly, a few different people said the same thing; "you're a Badass Boss Bitch" and then we did whatever our version of a knuckle bump is. But then I realized, that's exactly what we are. So why not actually call ourselves that? I'm not your babe, I am a Badass Boss Bitch and so are you. Or for short, we are Babbs. 
And if you don't quite have the confidence to consider yourself a Babb then please let me know how we can help. Community, mentorship, cheerleading, you name it! Because you most definitely are a Babbs, even if you don't know it yet.
I've said it before and I will say it again, saying out LOUD "you got this" has been proven to give you confidence. I let my nails be the reminder I sometimes need to do as Lizzo says: Hair toss, check your nails. Baby how you feeling? "YOU GOT THIS!" -Melody
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Thanks Babbs @nailpolishedlife + @nailsoflizmo for their swatches


  • Cynthia

    I used Babbs today on top of OMG Expose You! Very professional!! I love the nail polish…it’s lasts!1 I start with the sticky base coat; then at least 2 coats of color; then the top coat!! Want to have my friends over for a try it, you’ll like it gathering! Cynthia

  • Stephanie

    So powerful AND supportive! Taking over the game! Love you LOUD!

  • April Mathews

    Fuck yeah!!!! I love this! I love everything about this company and it just keeps getting better! Sometimes I don’t feel like a BABBs, but then some other awesome BABBs will remind me, like my wife or this post, and my confidence is renewed. Thanks for this. 💪😘

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