Bubbly or Bodacious?


Lately, I’ve been doing some soul searching.
Mood rings? So yesterday.
Personality tests? So complicated.
Quizzes? So long.
Being analyzed by your pedi color? Yup!
You heard right, Babbs, your favorite Loud Lacquer nail polish says more about you than you may know. Curious about your place in the Babbs-i-verse? Choose which Loud Lacquer shade you like the most out of the Brite Shades collection and we’ll tell you what it says about you. 
Brite Shades

Yellow: The Boho Babb

You are a Boho Babb! Intelligent, creative and independent, you enjoy brainstorming innovative inventions, or just daydreaming. Chances are you’re the bookworm or private Google investigator of the Babbs squad, always armed with trivia or a Pinterest-worthy quote. Your taste in colours is as bright as you are, which is why ‘Soft Swap’ is the perfect Loud Lacquer shade for you. This lemon yellow creme flecked with gold shimmers softly like you.

Coral: The Bubbly Babb

You are a Bubbly Babb: energetic, daring and friendly. Because of your optimistic, “life’s too short” mindset, not only are you the life of the party—you are the party! Spontaneous and vivacious, you’re most likely to be found striking up conversations with strangers. Those lifelong besties you make during a bathroom break or in the queue at a local café? Totes you, Bubbly Babbs, as is the shade ‘Lawn Flamingo’. Much like yourself, this hot coral creme is loud AF!

Blue: The Big-hearted Babb

You are a Big-hearted Babb! Loyal and trustworthy, you’re the Babb your friends hit up for a shoulder to cry on or a quick word of advice. “Happy to help,” is your autoreply, and with your thoughtful and calming aura, you certainly do! Remember to make time for yourself as well, though. What better way to treat yourself than a mani-pedi with ‘PCH’? This sky blue creme shade is as tranquil as you.

Black: The Bodacious Babb

Go To
You are a Bodacious Babb! A daring and mysterious Babbs who oozes big “don’t mess with me” energy. Elegant and artsy, you’re too busy being a trendsetter to care about what the sheeple are doing. You’re not afraid to show off your dark side, but you’re also sensitive underneath all that attitude, too. ‘Go To’ is your go-to Loud Lacquer nail polish. This creme black is no-nonsense and classic, AKA, you!

... so, Babbs, what’s your favourite colour? What do you think it says about you? Will you match your toes to your shoes? LMK down below!

-Natalie Harman

Loud Lacquer x Hush Puppies

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Brite Shades x Brite Jells


  • Wrainbeau Willis

    Soft Swap is definitely me! I love the color and the personality description! Both are spot on!

  • Joanne

    Love your polish.
    Hate those damn ugly hush puppies.
    I love sleek and pretty. Not chunky ugly straps.

  • Psmith

    Go to definitely fits me! 🤘😘

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