Your 2022 Horoscope- Ice Queen

You are confident but can sometimes come off more assured that you actually are. You wake up each day ready to be a bad ass but a dirty look from a stranger can have you questioning yourself. There will be a day this year that you will need to stay at your highest bad-assery and someone will try and dim your fire. Take a moment to go into a bathroom and put your hands on your hips and say "I GOT THIS". It will seem silly, but it will be what you need to stay strong. 

Your color to try this year is Tati. Nothing reminds you to stay confident more than a gorgeous red with a little sparkle in it. Wear it not only as a reminder that you in fact got this, but that the Babbs community at Babbs also has your back.

Tati- click below pic to grab her for a one time offer of 30% off. You GOT this!

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