Are You Naughty or Nice?

Find out if you're on Santa's Naughty or Nice list. 

Put 2 fingers up for every A answer, 1 finger up for every B and keep your finger down if you pick C. 

1. Have you ignored any texts, either on accident or on purpose? 

A. I literally never answer texts

B. I have but only because I am bad at texting

C. Nope, I always reply  

2. Have you flaked out on plans last minute?


A. Totes and I would do it again

B. Once or twice but for good reason

C. No, when I make plans I show up

3. Have you told a lie?


A. I lie all the time

B. Maybe a little white lie

C. I'm honest all the time (liar)

4. Have you been passive aggressive? 


A. I live the petty life

B. Only to those that deserved it

C. Nah, I'm not like that

5. Have you gossiped? 


A. I love to spill that tea

B. I mean, I sip it but don't spill it

C. I watch the weather channel for fun

6. Have you started an argument for no reason?


A. Yeah, what can I say? I was bored

B. Only because I was emotional

C. No, theres no point in arguing

7. Have you forgotten a friend or fams birthday?

A. Yes, I remembered late and didn't even send a belated text

B. I remembered only after I saw them thank people on FB the next day but then totally wrote on their wall.

C. I would never! Thats what calendars are for, its not that hard. 

8. Have you used your phone at the dinner table?


A. To be fair, my phone is always out. 

B. A couple of times but not always

C. No, I put that shit away because its rude not to

9. Have you told anyone a spoiler for a show or movie?

A. YES! I was too excited

B. By accident. I thought Peloton told everyone Mr. Big dies

C. No, thats barbaric 

10. Have you littered?


A. Only like a banana peel but those decompose 

B. No, I would never do that

C. I pick up other peoples trash!

Ok thats it. What do you think, did you land on the naughty or nice list?


If you have 10 or more fingers up, you've landed on the Naughty List and should buy your own damn polish for Christmas. Luckily we have just the polish for you

Naughty List

If you landed on the nice list, you can ask Santa for $100 gift card to purchase any of our long-lasting, cruelty-free and vegan polishes. Because you know what, you earned that shit! 

Gift Card

Either way, we love you Babbs! Have a Merry Naughty Christmas! 



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  • Melani

    I love this Test! Happy Holidays Mel, you’re the best Babb 🙌🏼

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