Why I Don't Get Acrylics or Gels

Every centimeter of your skin and nails contains microscopic pores that ingest every toxin from the outside to the inside, often resulting in these toxins entering your bloodstream. Although nails seem sturdy and are composed of multiple keratin layers, they are significantly more porous than skin and thus are more susceptible to the negative effects of external toxins.

Gel nails are a type of fake nails which are produced when photo initiators within the polish allow the monomers and oligomers to harden into polymers once exposed to UV-A light. They were first introduced in the 1980s, but were removed from the market when the light-curing process burned the customer’s skin.

Now they use UV light, which does not burn but is not much better for your skin and can cause overall health problems. Contrary to common belief, gel nails do not actually last longer than acrylics. While both acrylic and gel nails last approximately 2 weeks, gels are significantly more scratch and acetone-resistant than regular acrylic nails. But most everyone I know starts getting peeling after 10 days and end up picking at them which makes the nails underneath thin and brittle. Causing an endless cycle of nails that cannot grow on their own.

The acrylic used today is often dental grade, making it very thick and requires a drill to remove. I have yet to have them removed or even get a fill without my fingers, nails or cuticles getting beaten or nipped, which causes a higher risk of infection.

A good nail polish and proper nail care can make a manicure last 10 days and Loud Lacquer polishes are free of the toxic chemicals other mainstream brands still include. Use our base coat, top coat and cuticle oil to get the best results. 

Best part is... you can get FOUR of our polishes for just $40 with code NATURAL1, which is less than a set of acrylics or gels.  Check out our selection for colors to bundle. Think outside the box, in a box... a box that says LOUD :) 

Video on how to remove fake nails properly HERE.



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