How To Have a Swinging Good Time

Welcome to the party. And oh yeah...
The guest list has been carefully curated. First to arrive is Key Party 🗝
This metallic emerald green will definitely stand out in the crowd. Making this key sure to get picked. I got first dibs because DAMN it look good here.
Lose all inhibition because...
...the party kicks up with the arrival of +++
This bright electric blue that makes your nails pop in just 2 coats. Add a third for a little spice 🥵  
Nothing says spicy like adding a 3rd
It can be hard to go "all-in" on a yellow. Luckily this bright yellow creme with gold shimmers is just a Soft Swap 😜   Best in 2 coats.
This party is already dripping with possibilities.
But there is no such thing as TOO much fun. Enter Lawn Flamingo
Lawn Flamingo is inviting you to play. This super bright coral creme will get the attention of any passersby... just like our favorite tacky lawn decor. 🦩  If you know, you know. Best in 2 coats. Try them all.
and try them all at the same time...
Double up
or wear it as a skittle
perhaps just the tip
any way you go, dont forget to get glossy wet
but be careful. Because this crew is slipper when wet
they are not gels or stickes but they are our kind of press ons
And they last. They last long!
So be bold
and have a Swinging Good Time

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