Netta x Loud & the Nail Community

Netta’s team reached out to involve us in the launch of her new single “I Love My Nails” (launching April 6, 2022)  

When I heard the song I immediately thought "this is our anthem!" and so ware trying to gather as many nail lovers in the community as possible to share this song in one big challenge. We will start posting Saturday, April 9th with a specific Tiktok/Reels challenge and the more people that post that day, the better chance it has to go viral but you can post anytime after that date.  This is such an epic opportunity to come together as a community and show our love for our nails! 

We have a specific format we created for this "challenge" and we would love to see you join us. The main chorus of the song is “baby i don't care, cause I love my nails” and making this video should be pretty easy and require minimal new content created. 

First: take anyone negative comment on a past Tiktok or Reels, then reply to that with a video. For example, someone might say you have too much nail polish, or your nails are too long, or a common comment in the nail space is on the yellowing of nails from repeated nail polish wear… Posting this comment to this part of the song should take 1.5 seconds

2nd: post a short video responding to the comment.  For example, if the comment was about having too much nail polish, show your whole collection. Or if it was about your nails being yellow, show them stained nails proudly. This clip should be about 3.5 seconds in length.

3rd: post as many photos & video clips of past manis as you can fit into 38 seconds. We're calling this section "NAIL LOVE" so feel free to show your art, your nail journey, all your favorite shades and brands of nail polish. Whatever you want, ideally including some Loud Lacquer but not required obviously. 

Make sure to use the OFFICIAL song on TikTok/Reels. (note: it will be available on reels on launch day, 4/6/22)

Last step OPTIONAL: with the last 2 seconds of the sound clip include Netta's album cover (below)

Be sure to tag @loudlacquer and @netta so we can both share your posts as well!

I have included an example of what the finished Tiktok/Reel challenge looks like. To make it extra fun, please tag someone to do the challenge as well. 

My example I quickly threw together is HERE. I will be doing an actual one and posting it on the same day as well, but really its just to show the set up with the comment, the response and then "nail love" ending with her album art.