Purrrfect Nails at Home

Nail care might never be the same. But don’t stress; we’ve got you covered. Keeping your nails healthy and getting a salon-worthy manicure at home is easier than you might think! Just look at this purrrfect mani using Brat!
Follow these tips to keep your nails healthy and beautiful from the comfort of your own home. That's where your cat is after all. Your real cat, not this cat 


Beauty Starts From Within
The first step in taking care of your nails is eating a healthy diet. Your nail health depends on it! 
Put down your quarantine chips or cookies or whatever it is that you’ve been snacking on and make some healthier choices (unless you’ve already been making good choices, in which case we applaud your will power). 
Your nails are made of a type of protein called keratin, and getting enough protein is important for the health and strength of your nails. 
You also need to eat foods rich in Vitamin B, which can help protect your nails from becoming brittle and prone to breaking. 
Staying hydrated is important for your nails (plus your skin and hair), and even though it’s one of the most trite phrases out there, getting plenty of water is essential. Go, now; get a drink of water! 
Cuticle Care
Next up in general nail health is caring for your cuticles. They’re important! 
Innocuous as they are, your cuticles help seal your skin and nail plate together, forming a barrier that prevents bacteria and infection. They need moisture to prevent cracking and drying out. 
With all the hand washing and sanitizing that we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s easy for your hands and cuticles to dry out and crack.

Fortunately, we sell our very own cuticle oil to help you keep your cuticles moisturized and healthy (plus it smells good). 
Don't Bite Them
We know life is stressful, but learn how to stop biting your nails if you currently do
The Tools
An often overlooked step in caring for your nails is cleaning your nail tools. 
Wash your nail tools with soap and water and wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. This extra step will make sure that your tools are free from bacteria.
When your nails need a little shaping, try using a glass nail file. 
Using that all too common emery board could be too rough and may actually be doing more damage to your nails. 
Remember to file in one direction since going back and forth could potentially snag and cause more damage to your nails. 
The easiest way to get a uniform look is by first cutting your nails straight and then rounding them into your desired shape. 
Choose Your Polish
Make sure you’re using a nail polish that’s free AF* of chemicals and nasty ingredients.  
The every-day over the counter polishes at the drugstore often contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates, and lots of other hard to pronounce words that ultimately cause your nails to crack and split. And since nobody wants that, Loud Lacquer's formula does not have any of those unpleasant ingredients. This way you can give yourself an awesome manicure and not worry about what you might have just applied to your fingers (and your face, since we’re all apparently touching our faces way too often). 
Lacquer Up!
Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Let’s get some lacquer on those nails!
  1. Start with a quick pass of nail polish remover. When it comes time to actually sit down and paint your nails, make sure you start with giving your nails a quick cleaning with a good quality nail polish remover. Even if you weren’t wearing any polish, this little step will remove any natural oils, making it so the fresh coat of polish you’re about to apply will adhere more easily and last longer. 
  2. Slap on that base coat! A good base coat will protect your nails and can help prevent chipping. 
  3. Apply your favorite color! Once your base is thoroughly dry, apply your free AF* nail polish. We’ve got you covered here! Check out our selection of colors.  (Psst: buy a bundle and save a little cash!) Most of our polishes apply best in 2 thin coats. Make sure to cap the ends to seal the polish in. 
  4. Finish off that new color with a good top coat. This will lock in that polish and make it shiny, or matte if that’s your thing (we’ve got you covered there, too!). Be sure to cap the ends as well with your top coat. 
  5. Clean up your lines. To clean up any mistakes you might have made- we all make mistakes from time to time- soak a cotton ball in some nail polish remover, wrap it around an orange stick and very, very carefully clean up anywhere you went outside your nails. 
Nailed It
Believe it or not, there’s a therapeutic side to painting your nails that can help calm your nerves during these odd and stressful times. 
This little act of self-care can do wonders for your stress levels, which we can all probably agree are fairly high. 
Even after your local nail salon opens up, you won't need them anymore! You can save that hard-earned cash on a new cat toy.  Stay Loud! 

Written by: Heidi Hammer

Nail Swatch by: @becca1790 

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