5 Questions to Ask About Your Nail Polish

1. 3-Free, 5-Free, 7-Free, 12 Free… How *FREE* should my nail polish BE???

Most nail polish is now considered 3-Free which means they took out the three obviously toxic ingredients: Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.  Ok, so we can all agree to leave the formaldehyde in the morgue. Great! Yet many brands still use similarly sinister ingredients like formaldehyde resin (a chemical that may be lurking in a 5-Free). Are you ok with putting a product with the “F” word on your body? Yeah, we didn’t think so! 

2. So the bigger the number before the word “FREE” the better right? 

Not necessarily. You may see brands touting the fact that they are free of ingredients that are simply never found in any nail polish. “Good news guys, we are gluten free, sugar free, carb free, and no unicorns were hurt making this product!” We don’t feel the need to trick you into thinking we are “free-er” than all the rest in the land. So, instead of boring you with a list of all the chemicals we leave out of our formula (that no one can pronounce) as well as all the unnecessary “free of” jargon, we will just say we are Free AF* which is a fun, LOUD way for us to say we are free from all toxic chemicals.

3. Is this nail polish tested on animals? 

Big brands would like to keep the fact that they are NOT cruelty-free quiet. Why wouldn’t they make the change? Seriously, who would want to hurt our furry friends? Well, it’s not so simple for big brands because they sell products in China. Did you know animal testing on all cosmetic products is mandatory in China? Crazy, right! So, if a nail polish brand is sold in China then it cannot be considered cruelty-free. But don’t worry, you can have a clear conscience when using Loud Lacquer! We are LOUD about being CRUELTY-FREE! 

4. What is vegan-friendly? 

I know what you are thinking… what the heck makes nail polish vegan? Well, some of those other nail polishes include animal derived ingredients like Carmine (ground up beetles) and Guanine (fish scales). Ummm, ewwwww! We’ll skip applying bugs and fish to our nails - thank. you. very. much

5. Oh, that is super gross! Should I be worried about those other nail polishes I’ve bought in the past?

We encourage you to take a look at the ingredients in your nail polish stash and see if they live up to your standards. If not, toss them and restock with long lasting, Free AF* Cruelty-free, vegan Loud Lacquer!!!

Link to Formaldehyde resin-   https://cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/tosylamideformaldehyde-resin-0

Link to Guanine-   https://cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/guanine-0

Link to Carmine-   https://cosmeticsinfo.org/ingredient/carmine-0


  • KRISS barkley

    when is nay nay coming vack in stock never used but OBBSESED i must have xoxo

  • Tish

    Would you consider not adding BENZOPHENONE-1 to your polishes? It’s known to cause cancer in some people when absorbed into the cuticles and nail beds. It’s just so hard to find a USA product that doesn’t have this as well.

    Thank you

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