Fall Collection Q+A with Founders

Fall Collection 

Krista: Can you explain the process of picking the Fall colors. Will there always be 8 colors for every launch?

Melody: Well first off no, there will usually be 4 new colors for every Seasonal launch. But we really wanted to give people options for their 4 for $40 bundles at launch. Plus Fall is my favorite season for nail polish colors and there was no way we could pick only 4. 

Tara: The process was interesting. We picked a bunch of colors we wanted and had about 20 samples made. We then went to the actual manufacturer to test even more colors and put together what we thought was a co-hesive collection. 

Melody: I reeeeally wanted a yellow mustard color but we couldn’t get it right and I didn’t want to hold everything up for one color that I was being super picky about. So next year, expect a yellow mustard haha. 

Krista: Are all of the colors permanent?

Melody: No. Only the Staples are permanent.  But any of the colors from the Fall collection can be added if there is enough love/demand. You can vote to keep your fav colors here

Tara: I am voting for Denim, Denim, Denim even if no one else does.


K: Explain in your own words what Madison looks like?

T: It’s a sparkly golden red/brown. Or copper. 

M: On the first coat, you can really see the red/brown undertone but it is pretty sheer. On the second coat the fine gold and green glitter really pop up and it looks just like the colorful leaves of Fall.  Like a copper penny with pizazz.  

K: What is the reason behind the name Madison

T: Madison was the name of my dog who passed a few years ago. She was a tan and brown color and the light of my life so naturally, this color reminds me of her. And admittedly I like to name everything after her. 

Juice Cleanse

K: Describe Juice Cleanse

M: Its a dusty olive green creme polish. A little muted and actually perfect for every season. IMO

K: And where did that name inspo come from?

T: After all the summer fun we all need a little juice cleanse. Reminds me of my favorite juice I like to make which has kale, celery, parsley, lemon, and ginger. Yumm

M: As soon as I saw it as a suggested name I just loved it haha. Not sure why, but it called to me. Much like the color. It totally drew me in as a green I would actually wear. 

K: Did Tara name all of the colors?

M: No not all, but all of the good names for sure. I am not good at naming things. Never have been. But I know what I like and don’t like. I also decided early on that I didn’t want to try and be super punny or clever. I just wanted names that made us happy. 

Sharp Elbows 

K: Describe Sharp Elbows

T: It’s a deep burgundy oxblood red. 

M: It’s my fav color in the collection. It’s a mood and such a staple for Fall.

K: Tara, what does the name mean?

T: Haha, Melody named this one.

M: Yes so, Sharp Elbows is what I was told I had by a male boss when I was one of the only female execs at a former company. I don’t think he was trying to be sexist, he was actually trying to help me by telling me how I could get along better with my male colleagues. But as it turns out, most men at the top view me as having “Sharp Elbows”. Whereas I get along really well with other female executives. A lot of men can’t handle my opinions so I decided to run with it and start my own company and hire mostly women and men who could handle a strong female boss!

K: So your favorite colored is named after you then?

M: Haha yup!

OMG Expose You 

K: Ok, describe the color.

T:: It’s a cool-toned nude creme polish. 

M: It’s the perfect nude!

Krista: And what is with this name? Melody, this one you too?

T: Well I first came up with the name Exposed.

M: Which I loved but I didn’t want to be quite so generic. One of my guilty pleasures is a YouTube channel called Tea Spill and she has this amazing intro song that says “I’m going to expose you, expose you, OMG Expose You” and I thought it was perfectly weird for this polish. Go check out her channel if you care about YouTube beauty community gossip. It’s a good time. 

K: I have to say I love this color.

M: Yeah, I find a lot of executive women and moms tend to love this color. 

Denim Denim Denim

K: Denim Denim Denim, let me guess, does it look like Denim?

T: Yes! It’s the perfect denim color. A dusty muted navy blue. And MY favorite. 

M: It’s a lot of people’s favorite. It’s a good one for sure!

K: Ok and the name?

T: What kind of overalls do the Super Mario Brothers wear?

K: Denim?

T: (sung like the song from the classic Mario Brothers game) Denim Denim Denim hahahaha

M: I didn’t laugh the first time she told that joke either. But it totally grew on me haha.

T:  It’s like the only joke I can remember!! I need to learn some better “Dad” jokes.



K: Describe Basic 

M: It’s a stark white. Pretty Basic

K: Ahh, hence the name.

M: Well that and all the Basic B’s I know where white nail polish :) And I love each of them!

Go To

K: And Go To is Black?

M: No Krista, it’s your new GO TO Black! It's perfect in one coat and there is really no other reason to own another black. It’s also easy to apply with our paddle brush and Free AF* of toxic chemicals. So while yes, there are a lot of black nail polishes, ours is your new Go To!

K: Got it. Did you name that one too?

M: Yes, I told you, I am not clever with names. I am practical haha.


K: Slater is a fun name. After Saved By The Bell?

T: The one and only!!! 

K: Describe Slater

T: It’s a grey slate with silver micro glitters.

M: The micro glitters really show best with a topcoat. Without a topcoat they make it more textured than anything. I prefer wearing it without a top coat to really show it’s grit, which I think is cool and unique, so it’s the perfect polish to pop on and go when you are in a hurry. 

Top/Base Coat

K: Speaking of topcoat, do you have a top and base coat coming out? Or one you would recommend with your polishes?

T: We do have top and base coming out but not until 2020. 

M: Honestly, there is no perfect pairing. Our polishes are long-wearing on their own so any top and/or base coat you personally prefer to use are fine. 

Any 4 for $40

K: Anything else we should know about the launch collection or Fall Collection as it were?

T: You can pick any 4 you want and get them for $40. And as more colors come out, no matter the season, you can pick 4 to put in your box. 

M: Think outside of the box, in a box!

K: Did you come up with that Melody?

M: Why yes, I suck at naming the polishes but I am great at coming up with marketing campaigns and slogans haha. 

K: Well thank you Melody and Tara. I'm excited for everyone to try these awesome polishes.

M: Thank you Krista! And in case we didn't mention it, all of our polishes are Free AF* of toxic chemicals, we are cruelty-free and vegan, its long-lasting and quick-drying and our company is female-owned and made in the USA. Is that it, Tara?

T: Plus our paddle brush is way easier to use! And yes, thank you Krista! Tell your friends. 

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