Swatches + Descriptions

Our Babbs came out to PLAY with this collection. We might be Loud but we know when to STFU. Let's hear what they have to say. 
I'm So Excited
"This collection is HOT! These colors are all perfect for summer... I'm wearing them all because I couldn't decide on one haha" @ruthsnailart
"An amazing lime green neon creme. The formula is sheer but builds up very nicely! All of these polishes dry to a gorgeous demi matte finish. Shown with three coats and shiny top coat." @claire.lapointe
"Alien green... It's a jelly formula and dries suuuper quick. You blink and it's already dry...this 90's collection has me in love" @sunbeamnails 
"This shade... is a chartreuse green and also dries semi matte... I was able to make this work in two coats for opacity. This color is my second favorite in the collection" @littlepandapit  
Hot Sundae
"A super fun neon purple. Shown here in 3 coats, the formula dries super fast so you don't need to wait too long between coats which makes the 3 coats easy peezy!" @nubbynailqueen
"Hot magenta crelly you don't want to pass up! Another easy formula that was great to work with. This is 3 coats with a glossy top coat." @tessa.lyn.nails
"A pink toned purple that has a crelly formula. Shown here in three thin coats + top coat. ...the formula dries super quick and slightly matte." @nailpolishedlife
"Jelly like hot coral polish that applies like a squishy dream. This is 3 coats + top coat" @5280polish
"These colors are so vibrant and fun!" @becca1790
Buddy Bands
"Definitely leans more green than blue. A really beautiful teal creme color."  @bwidix
"This one is my favvvv of the collection." @corkmanicures
"A bright teal creme." @beauty_and_the_polish
Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below :) 

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