Loud Lacquer Is Here!

Hey there! My name is Melody and I am the CEO of Loud Lacquer. At jobs past, I often found myself as the only female executive at the table and I grew frustrated of being told by bosses that I was too LOUD and opinionated about what women wanted in the beauty space. I had a vision for a brand that was fun, unexpected, high quality, affordable, environmentally conscious, and safe for even the littlest nails. So I embraced my LOUD vision and made it. And now that we have launched it’s no secret what we stand for-  a nail polish that’s cruelty free, long lasting, quick drying, vegan, free AF* and female owned! 
I wanted to show my daughter that no matter how bossy she might be, her ideas have value. Trust your gut. Trust your vision. And don’t be afraid to be LOUD!
-Melody Hammer