AmBABBSador Program

Thank you for your interest in working with Loud. Below is a list of current programs we have for our AmBaBBSadors. These programs will change from time to time and I will do my best to make sure everyone stays informed through our Loud Babbs newsletter. You must first fill out this form to be considered, unless you have already gotten our welcome AmBABBSador email, in which case, you are already on it. 


Every creator can submit for paid opportunities by uploading content into this folder with your IG handle and shade name as the file name. Submitting content does not guarantee we will use your swatches or videos. Payment only occurs if content is used on product pages or in ads. We do not pay for social content unless specifically requested in advance. All YouTube content is paid but will be predetermined in advance. 

Our Rates

Swatch Photos- $100 per campaign 

IG videos- $100 per video

Nail Art Photos- $25 per photo

YouTube Videos at least 3 minutes- $250

When we pay a creator, we will send a release form saying we can use the specific content across the web and in ads. Every paid creator is required to fill out our direct deposit form and will be paid through our Quickbooks program. 

We do not negotiate our rates, they are considered “favored nations”, meaning no matter your size, everyone gets paid the same. It keeps it simple, fair and also allows for smaller creators to have opportunities and to ensure we stay diverse. If you are not happy with that fee, no worries, just let us know and we won’t use you for this purpose.


Existing PR List

A select number of people will be sent PR each launch. We are still a very very small company and do not have a large PR list just yet. This list has already been determined for a number of reasons. I will periodically add people to this list as we grow. 

Rotating PR List

I also want to make sure I am rotating in other swatchers to give everyone an opportunity. If you are on this list, you will be sent PR sporadically as we will keep our final launch list relatively small each launch. If you do not receive PR at launch, do not worry. We dont kick people off for not posting about us or for a negative review. We appreciate honesty but we do like to switch it up. 

PR List Consideration

 If you have not been sent PR and would like the opportunity to be considered, the best way is to submit through our online form here. We will review the list every quarter and add people based on a variety of factors. One great way to be considered is through our affiliate codes. If we see your audience responding to your code, its a good indicator to us that your audience is interested in seeing more Loud through your feed. It is only one of the factors we consider though. 

Affiliate Codes

Currently, our affiliates are unpaid but someday I hope to change that. This is an opt in opportunity for your audience to get a discount. 


If we use your photo in a blog or newsletter it is unpaid. We will always give credit and link out  to your account but if you would like for us to not use your photos in future blogs, please let us know and we will make sure we don’t. We consider blogs and newsletters cross promotional and therefore unpaid. 


Every Tuesday on our Instagram I do a live interview with special guests. If you are interested in being a guest, let me know. I keep it really casual and fun, its no pressure at all but a great way for your audience to get to know you a little better and chat all things nail polish. 



Giveaways are a great perk for your audience to win new polish and to help us support each other and get interested followers. Let us know if you would like to host a giveaway and if selected, we will provide the polish!

Twin Manis

These are unpaid collabs that you can opt in to be a part of and we do our best to promote everyone involved as much as we can. On occasion, we might ask to use one of your collab photos in an ad. This will be a case by case basis and if used in an ad, it will be $25 per photo used. 

Influence For Good

This is our charitable program and from time to time, I will ask if you would like to join us in promoting a cause. Each charitable campaign we do is slightly different so I will include more information per opportunity. Together we can do amazing things #LOUDinfluenceforgood

Check out our Current Paid Needs and Un-Paid Opportunities You must apply for these opportunities. 


Code Of Conduct

I expect each person who represents my brand in any way to uphold a code of conduct that aligns with my brand. However, I know that no one is perfect and if there is ever anything someone does that is called into question, I will assess it myself and reach out personally to discuss. Likewise, I am FAR from perfect and if there is ever anything I do that you do not agree with or thinks is worth discussing, my emails are always open to hear your feedback. 

One more huge thank you for being a part of our Babbs community! You make us look so good and I hope you know I value each and every one of you!

All my best,