Hi Gay

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Pride bundle includes Redrum, There She Go, Banana Man, PSA & +++.

Support your LGBTQIA+ friend by using their code for this bundle. You'll save $14.75 and we will either pay them $25 directly or donate $25 on their behalf depending on their preference. This year we want to support our LGBTQIA+ community by giving back directly to them. Whether that money gets donated, helps pay their rent, or goes toward their art, every cause is worthy. 

Swatches: @littlepandapit(top left) @toughasnailpolish (top middle) @deanienailtini (top right) @nickspolish (left middle) @polishedupbaker (bottom left) @deadinsidenails (bottom middle)

PS- go follow their accounts to see their codes!

Hi Gay

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